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EDC provides education for designing, constructing, remodeling, operating and maintaining the sustainable built environment as the official magazine for the LEED professional. EDC has been the premier source for integrated high-performance building since 1997.

EDC Magazine ceased publication with the November 2014 issue.

Click to view:  Vol.17, No.11 November 2014
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Moveable fitting rooms are just one example of the modular concept this Syracuse, N.Y., PUMA store implemented in its quest for greater sustainability. See p. 28 for the full story.

Image by Garrett Rowland, courtesy of Colkitt&Co

Click to view:  Vol.17, No.10 October 2014
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The AFRH's new Scott Building pays particular attention to the human side of sustainability. See the full story starting on p. 66.

Image by Sisson Studios

Click to view:  Vol.17, No.9 September 2014
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The GREENbook directory highlights sustainable architectural products and services.

Images by: (clockwise from L to R) Jaga, UV Resources, Dan Francis Photography, Kebony, Charles J. O'Brien III, Steinkamp Photography

Click to view:  Vol.17, No.8 August 2014
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Incorporating a geothermal system
during the renovation of this post-WWII Virginia home was just one way the project team helped it to achieve energy reductions that tremendously exceeded those of the original home.

Image by Hoachlander Davis Photography, Anice Hoachlander, courtesy of Studio Twenty Seven Architecture

July 2014
Vol.17, No.7  26.80 MB


The EID winner in the Residential category is an inspired blend of spirituality and architecture.

See the full story on page 28.

Image by Greg Clark

June 2014
Vol.17, No.6  33.11 MB

On The Cover:

HOK manifested a range of corporate sustainability goals as sustainable design strategies for TD Ameritrade's headquarters, earning the project an EID award in the Commercial category.

Image by Kessler Photography

May 2014
Vol.17, No.5  35.28 MB


Daylighting techniques like those used in RB+B Architects' design of Red Hawk Elementary School in Erie, Colo., can offer more than just energy savings. See page 18 for the full story.

Image by Fred Fuhrmeister/Time Frame Images.
Courtesy of RB+B Architects Inc.

April 2014
Vol.17, No.4  31.29 MB


Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown, Mass., maximizes connections with people and the environment in its design to encourage patient healing and wellness. See page 30 for the full story.

Image by Anton Grassl/Esto

March 2014
Vol.17, No.3  26.92 MB

On The Cover:
Inspired by students and hunan health, the design of Oakland University's HHB positively impacts the lives of future physicians and nurses while mitigating its effect on the environment.

See page 24 for the full story

Photo by Prakash Patel

February 2014
Vol.17, No.2  17.40 MB

On the Cover:
A design team's creativity and recognition of space requirements helped a LEED Platinum multipurpose facility in Atlanta, GA exceed goals for user needs.

See page 32 for the full story.

Image by Kerry Durel

January 2014
Vol.17, No.1  22.13 MB

On the Cover:
The Vestas Headquarters in Portland, OR., made indoor air quality improvements for occupant well-being and significant energy savings

See page 34 for the full story.

Image by Jeremy Bitterman

December 2013
Vol.16, No.12  33.89 MB

On the Cover:
Internationally, new projects are introducing sustainability to communities. In other areas, like Ambler, PA, sustainability is being introduced via Adaptive Reuse.

See page 30 for the full story.

Image by Don Pearse Photographers Inc., courtesy of HSA

November 2013
Vol.16, No.11  40.50 MB

On the Cover:
The Center for Sustainable Landscapes at the Phipps Conservatory is the Excellence in Design winner for Government/ Institutional New Construction and demonstrates the positive impact that sustainable buildings can have on our environment. See page 72 for the full story

October 2013
Vol.16, No.10  22.28 MB

On The Cover:
The belief that reusing existing building stock is the ultimate in sustainability inspired the design of City Winery Chicago. See page 26 for the full story.

September 2013
Vol.16, No.9  28.18 MB

On The Cover:
The annual Greenbook is a Sustainable Product and Resource Guide. You can search by Product Category in a 500-mile radius or by Company Name online, or flip to page 43 to find Sustainable Resources near you.

August 2013
Vol.16, No.8  21.31 MB

On The Cover: The Boston University Center For Student Services Is The Excellence In Design Award Winner For Educational New Construction And Balances Different Areas Of Boston Within Its Facility, Showcasing Sustainability And Flexibility Of Style.
See Page 16 For The Full Story. Photo By Richard Mandelkorn

July 2013
Vol.16, No.7  28.03 MB

On The Cover: The Homes At Old Colony In South Boston Won The Excellence In Design Award For Residential New Construction And Provides Residents With A Sustainable Home That Was The First Public Housing Development In The U.S.
See Page 12 For The Full Story. Image By Andy Ryan

June 2013
Vol.16, No.6  37.18 MB

On The Cover: The New Campus For Adobe Systems Inc. In Lehi, Utah, Displays A Variety Of Inspiring Artwork To Highlight The Individual Creativity Of Its Employees.

May 2013
Vol.16, No.5  23.24 MB

On The Cover: The New Student Recreation Center At California State University, Northridge, Values Its Sustainable Exterior Features, Like Perforated Solar Shading, As Much As It Utilizes The Importance Of Its Sustainable Interior Attributes.

April 2013
Vol.16, No.4  32.67 MB

On The Cover: At The Leed Silver Certified Chihuly Glasshouse In Seattle, The Glazing Had To Meet Strict Local Energy, Wind And Structural Requirements. See The Ceu On Page 21 For More.

March 2013
Vol.16, No.3  13.38 MB

On The Cover: K-12 Schools Like Nashville’s Montgomery Bell Academy Are Doing What They Can To Become More Sustainable. See Page 12 For The Full Story. Image Courtesy 2011 Jim Roof Creative Inc.

February 2013
Vol.16, No.2  18.49 MB

On The Cover: The Meeting Area Of The Zero Energy America Home By Marc Rutenberg Homes Is One Of The Net-Zero Homes That Are Designed To Exceed The Highest Green Building Standards. The Zero Energy America Homes Have The Potential To Leave Homeowners Without Power Bills And Provide A Model Of Sustainable Construction.

January 2013
Vol.16, No.1  26.52 MB

On The Cover: LEED’s V4’s Proposed Materials And Resources Credit Changes And Additions Take Their Cues From The Materials Use On Projects Like Honolulu’s Hau’oli Mau Loa Foundation Headquarters.

December 2012
Vol.15, No.12  23.31 MB

On the Cover:
Bridgestone Americas, Inc. believes in the sustainability of its Firestone Building Products, so it put those products to work at its new Tech Center. Read more on page 22. Image courtesy of Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

November 2012
Vol.15, No.11  41.22 MB

On the Cover:
Alexandria, Va., continues to push its efforts as an Eco-City with the creation of its new police headquarters that's efficient in more ways than one. See p. 18 for the full story. Photo courtesy of HDR Architecture, Inc.

October 2012
Vol.15, No.10  42.63 MB

On the Cover:
Stadiums like UNT's Apogee Stadium can achieve Platinum Status with clear plans, goals, and a little ingenuity. Photo by HKS Inc. / Daryl Shields.

September 2012
Vol.15, No.9  29.40 MB

On the Cover:
Michael Carlson, AIA, LEED AP DC+C, and Grace Carlson, APR, LEED Green Associate, of Carlson Studio Architecture in front of the 11,000-square-foot LEED Gold healthcare facility, The Center for Building Hope. This was the photo chosen as the winner of EDC's "get exposure for your LEED project" competition. Visit www.edcmag.com for more.

August 2012
Vol.15, No.8  38.75 MB

On the Cover:
EDC's EID winner in the Education Category has a high-tech name and lofty goals, but it's sustainable design is deceptively simple.

July 2012
Vol.15, No.7  33.12 MB

On the Cover:
EDC's winner in the Residential Category for the EID Awards went all out for sustainability. See page 14 for the full story. Photo courtesy of www.edwardcaldwellphoto.com

June 2012
Vol.15, No.6  23.75 MB

On the Cover:
Designed by SJK Architects, the office building for M/S Nirvana Films takes first place in the commercial new category of this year's EID Awards. See the story on page 16. Photo by Pallon Daruwala, courtesy of SJK Architects.

May 2012
Vol.15, No.5  43.80 MB

On the Cover:
Switching to digital documentation on the job can save time, money, and effort. Read more about how to implement it on page 48. Cover design by Shannon Shortt.

April 2012
Vol.15, No.4  26.57 MB

On the Cover:
A unique historic resource in Georgia, Hardman Farm required a unique approach to its preservation. Read more about how this project combines historical preservation and sustainability starting on page 16. Photo by Jonathan Hiller/Atlanta.

March 2012
Vol.15, No.3  109.77 MB

On the Cover:
The south-facing orientation of the Martin-Pacifico residence's living space is just one technique used to maximize daylight. Read more about this technique and others starting on page 14. Photo by Roger Wade Studios.

February 2012
Vol.15, No.2  111.68 MB

On the Cover:
Thank you to everyone who has made the past 15 years possible. We're looking forward to the next 15 years and beyond as we all explore what's around the bend en route to a sustainable built environment.

January 2012
Vol.15, No.1  11.17 MB

On the Cover:
Shown is CertainTeed's Baroque mineral fiber ceiling, a product with an EPD. See page 12 for more products with EPDs. IMAGE COURTESY OF CERTAINTEED.

December 2011
Vol.14, No.12  20.74 MB

The 2012 GREENbook
ED+C's Annual directory of sustainable building products and services

November 2011
Vol.14, No.11  92.43 MB

On the Cover:
While many green educational facility designs are using the structures themselves as educational tools, the extent to which this practice was employed at the Buchanan Energy and Environmental Research Center makes it the winner in ED+C's Education category of the EID awards. Photo by Paul Mullins, Mullins Studio.

October 2011
Vol.14, No.10  53.90 MB

On the Cover:
The EID winner in the Government category blends the indoors with the outdoors. See page 24 for the full story. Image courtesy of Opsis Architecture/Alan Brandt.

September 2011
Vol.14, No.9  18.41 MB

On the Cover:
A historic commercial office building built in 1929 takes first place in ED+C's EID awards in the Institutional category as a children's museum. See page 14 for the full story. Photo by Zane Williams.

August 2011
Vol.14, No.8  92.43 MB

On the Cover:
FAU's new facility blends cutting-edge building functions with curricula. See page 16 for the full story. Photo credit: Island Studios Photography (Stuart Gobey).

July 2011
Vol.14, No.7  92.43 MB

On the Cover:
The Pearl's design is directly derived from nature's experience. See page 54 for the full story. Image by Labulle. Courtesy of Solaleya Design

June 2011
Vol.14, No.6  39.73 MB

On the Cover:
Eleven Times Square, ED+C's Excellence in Design award winner for the Commercial category, extends the vibrancy of a celebrated New York thoroughfare. See page 36 for the full story. Image courtesy of Coe Will, FXFOWLE Architects.

May 2011
Vol.14, No.5  45.95 MB

On the Cover:
The Museum of American Jewish History employs a terra cotta and glass façade that plays a big role in preserving artifacts and creating an energy-efficient public space. Image by Halkin Photography

April 2011
Vol.14, No.4  16.05 MB

On the Cover:
The Ohio State University Medical Center is using emerging trends in sustainable healthcare design to create an environment conducive to healing. See the full story on page 14. Image by encore, courtesy of HOK.

March 2011
Vol.14, No.3  92.43 MB

On the Cover:
Central Michigan University's College of Education and Human Services met its performance and budget goals with comprehensive planning and interaction. Photo by Justin Maconochie. See the full story on page 14.

February 2011
Vol.14, No.2  39.86 MB

On the Cover:
The Arlington Grove redevelopment in north St. Louis is a mixed-income development utilizing solar to help overcome some tough times. Rendering courtesy of KAI Design & Build. See page 26 for the full story.

January 2011
Vol.14, No.1  39.17 MB

On the Cover:
Shown is one of the Top Products of 2010, Echo Recycled Glass tile for walls, countertops and floors. Image courtesy of Crossville. See page 8 for all the winners.

December 2010
Vol.13, No.12  52.61 MB

On the Cover:
The Syracuse Center of Excellence headquarters was designed as a living laboratory, including a living roof to reduce heat island effect, provide thermal insulation and manage stormwater. Photo courtesy of SyracuseCoE. See page 14 for the full story.

November 2010
Vol.13, No.11  92.43 MB

On the Cover:
The 30,000-square-foot Roosevelt Community Center is the City of San Jose, Calif.'s first LEED-NC Gold project and the winner of ED+C's Excellence in Design Award in the Government category. Photo by Cesar Rubio. See the full story on page 20.

October 2010
Vol.13, No.10  9.24 MB

On the Cover:
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island's new sustainable office tower, designed by SMMA, contributes to the health of its occupants and Providence's economy. Photo by Albert Vecerka/Esto

September 2010
Vol.13, No.9  26.76 MB

On the Cover:
The LEED Platinum Kroon Hall is notably the greenest building on campus and is the flagship for the sustainability mission of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Photo by Morley Von Sternberg. See page 12 for the full story.

August 2010
Vol.13, No.8  70.56 MB

On the Cover:
The project team for the Center for Global Conservation designed and built a facility that is an extension of the Wildlife Conservation Society's mission – to change attitudes towards nature and help people imagine wildlife and humans living in harmony. Photo by David Sundberg/ESTO. See page 24 for the full story.

July 2010
Vol.13, No.7  101.67 MB

On the Cover:
Los Vecinos, a LEED Platinum multifamily development in Southern California, sets a new standard for green design. Shown is an artistic trash enclosure. Photo courtesy of Wakeland Housing and Development Corp.

June 2010
Vol.13, No.6  43.31 MB

On the Cover:
Environetics helped facilitate a study to assess LEED feasibility for a recent high-end commercial interior showroom project in New York. Photo by Cristian D. Costea, Costea Photography Inc. See the full story on page 12.

May 2010
Vol.13, No.5  41.14 MB

On the Cover:
Shown is the lobby of Casa Feliz Studios, a single-room occupancy facility in San Jose, Calif. Photo by Bernard Andre. For the full story, see page 18.

April 2010
Vol.13, No.4  20.34 MB

On the Cover:
Minimizing site disturbances is a key component to building sustainably, as was successfully achieved with the construction of this house in the Southern California desert community of Yucca Valley. See page 14 for the full story.

March 2010
Vol.13, No.3  17.26 MB

On the Cover:
Atlanta Botanical Garden's two-story, open-air central lobby and large pivoting doors take full advantage of cross ventilation while providing views of nature. See page 22 for the full story.

February 2010
Vol.13, No.2  12.95 MB

On the Cover:
The Target Center Arena's extensive vegetated roof in downtown Minneapolis is nearly 2.5 acres and expected to last for 40 years. See page 14 for the full story.

January 2010
Vol.13, No.1  19.11 MB

On The Cover:
Novus and Clayco have taken the steps to achieve LEED Platinum certification without compromising the design-build budget. Read the full story beginning on page 10.